Seaton Brown for SGA President

On The Issues


Every day the College of Charleston receives over 2 millions spam messages in its Edisto and email accounts. Students complain about the number of emails that do not reach its intended destination to be lost to the world wide web. Why does the College continue to invest in a failing webmail system? Well, we have options. The College has looked into Google Gmail and Microsoft Live but still has not moved forward with either firm. I think its time we work together to institute a new webmail system and soon.

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There's little we can do to alleviate this issue. However, I am happy to report the College's purchase of a lot next to Kresse Arena. The former Chinese restaurant that sits there currently will be demolished in the coming months and used for parking. The administration knows there is a problem and we will work with them in every way we can to find better solutions.

During Holidays

Many students who live off campus don't want to keep their car parked on the street during Spring Break or Winter Holiday and I don't think you should have to. Garages and surface lots that the College own, are virtually empty during these times of the year. Our students who commute in do not come to campus because school is not in session. By working with Auxiliary Services and Parking Services, I can see an allotted number of spaces available for students who want to park their car in safe garages during the break. It would be for a minimal flat–rate and you can go on vacation knowing that your car is safe in a College garage.


I think everyone can agree there just isn't enough bike parking on campus. And why should this be when so many of us ride bikes to school every day? I've proposed that the area between Stern Center and Glebe Street become a bike parking area. The area would maintain the azalea bushes along Glebe Street to hide the many bikes. Behind it, racks would be available to lock up the students' bikes. Also, installing a security camera overlooking the area would provide a safe alternative to locking the bike up to street parking meters and gates.


Textbook Prices

Professors have got to start turning their book orders in earlier. The CofC Bookstore can guarantee cheaper textbooks if these orders are placed by the faculty earlier. It also clears up the hassle of having to try to find a cheaper price on retail websites like Also, you can be sure that you will be getting the correct book you're paying for. It is incredibly frustrating to know that you've bought the wrong book online only after it has been delivered to your doorstep, then having to wait another two weeks to return it and get the correct one. We need to work with Faculty, the Registrar, and the College of Charleston Bookstore to remedy this. There's an easy solution and it can only benefit the students.

Design Your Own Major

This has become an incredibly exciting opportunity at the College. Faculty Senate in coordination with the SGA has been looking at a "Design Your Own Major" option at the College for students who want to study something unique that we don't offer a specific program in. The best example of this would be music business. The student would meet with an advisor, pick classes, and develop a course of study that was uniquely their own. This can also lay the foundation for new majors not previously thought about. With music business, you can take courses between the School of the Arts and the School of Business and Economics, and learn both sides of the business. We need to continue this project with the Provost, Faculty Senate, and Academic Affairs. This is something that once again can show others how unique this College really is.

Health Services

Ever gotten sick on the weekend and don't want to run down to the emergency room at Roper? Well, I don't think we should have to. Health Services is on campus for a reason, to ensure the health and well–being of our students — and not just on the weekdays! We need to work with Student Health Services to have an on–call doctor or RN available seven days a week.

Student Organization Re–Registration

Every year, the SGA and student organizations waste tons of paper when it comes time to re–register with the SGA. There is no need to have twelve pages of signatures and information for each of the 150 student groups that are on campus in the SGA office; it's a waste of paper and time. I'm in support of moving the entire process online — cutting out the need for paper entirely and making the process much easier for both parties.

And why do we have to re–register every year? For organizations that we know are not going anywhere, we should only ask for re–registration every two or three years. Again, having to re–register every single year is repetitive and unnecessary.

Campus and City Safety

Even though the College is nestled in Downtown Charleston and is in an urban environment, CofC is one of the Top 25 Safest Colleges in the nation and the only one in South Carolina to make the list! Even though this may be the case, once you step off campus, Public Safety is not always there to help you out. We need to work with Public Safety to protect us not only where we study, but in our neighborhoods where we live, work, and play. Saferide is a failing system and needs some significant changes. Students should be the priority whether it's 2am or not.

Redevelopment of Hungry Cougar

Yes, the old tried and true Hungry Cougar is being renovated this Summer. What you see now is not what you'll be seeing when you come back this Fall. Dining Services felt the need to update the facility to be on par with the new Liberty Street Fresh Food Company. We need to work to ensure that student input is given when redeveloping the dining facility. Plans now have it completely gutted and expanded out onto the breezeway towards the Lightsey Center. But what kinds of new foods will be offered and what do the students want? Keeping students on campus committees is the best way to keeping the best interest of the students in mind.