Seaton Brown for SGA President

Let's move forward together.

As students, we are a diverse group of individuals. There can be no one word that describes every single one of us. However, in our differences we can show solidarity. Together, we can create a powerful voice to advance the betterment of the Student Body and overcome the obstacles that prevent us from having the best college experience one can have. It is critical for the President of the Student Body and Student Government Association to accept the challenges that are presented and not to evade any issue that may be considered controversial.

This is why I am running for President of the Student Body at the College of Charleston.

We need to collaborate, as students, with the faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and Board of Trustees to face the issues that effect us head on. We can make a big impact on the history of this school and be heard as an equal partner at the table. This voice needs to be delivered by one who is ready, willing, and able to represent all Students.

Finally, we need to continue our improving relationship with the City of Charleston. We have made great steps in our community and I want to continue this trend. We can play an important role in advancing the strategies that benefit all concerned. We can address the issues and seek improvements in safety, housing, and parking.

Our time is now. We should always remember the past for history lays the foundation for what we stand on now. Yet we should always look forward and strive for a better College of Charleston. Look throughout the website and read over my platform. If you ever have any questions please contact me. Now is the time to make a difference. Let's move forward, together.

-M. Seaton Brown

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